Mommy Juice: Are They Trying to Turn Us Into Alcoholics?

Filed in Busy As A Mother Podcast, Motherhood — May 4, 2020

moms cope with alcohol


Are they teaching moms to cope with alcohol?

Alcohol memes…I’ve definitely laughed at them. I’ve even posted some in the past. But, are we being bamboozled (I’ve always wanted to say that word haha) by the alcohol companies? Are moms being taught to get wasted in order to cope with motherhood? In other words, are they teaching moms to cope with alcohol?

Today, on Busy as a Mother, I talk with Emily Paulson, a mother of 5, author, entrepreneur, and certified recovery coach. Emily discusses this culture of “mommy should get drunk” that we are in the midst of right now and how it could be impacting us and our children. 

In this episode, we cover:

  • How alcohol companies target moms
  • Emily’s experience with hitting rock bottom but then becoming sober
  • Whether or not I drink and what I’ve observed about messages we are given about alcohol
  • What our kids could be learning from our drinking habits
  • What alcohol memes are doing to our motherhood culture
  • One small thing that can make a big impact in supporting our sober friends and family (or those who are trying to get sober)
  • This is not about shaming and prohibition, but about awareness 

My hope is, that after you listen to this podcast you will feel empowered which will help you overcome this idea that moms NEED alcohol to cope with motherhood.

I am so grateful for Emily dropping in and sharing her story of rock-bottom to recovery. I hope you enjoy today’s podcast and as a result, it brings a new prospective to this mommy juice culture.

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Motherhood can be HARD, that’s for sure. Sometimes, I feel like I actually suck at it. Ugh. You can read more HERE.

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