Host of The Portrait System podcast, Nikki has been a portrait photographer for over a decade photographing thousands of people and making them look their absolute best.

I currently live in Michigan with my husband and two young sons, Van & Dre, and we split our time at our lake cottage and house in the country.

I've been a bridesmaid 13 times.

Roller skating is a love of mine and I used to play roller derby.

I started growing a wildflower field on our property last year and I'm obsessed. I'm going to 10x it this year (watch my social media for behind the scenes of shoots there).

Before I had a family, I traveled alone to countries including Cambodia, Nepal, Costa Rica, and Thailand. Sounds cheesy, but those trips helped me "find myself". 

Foodie. I'm for sure a foodie. And a beer snob.

I started a non-profit that provided autism advocacy and education in developing countries. 

My husband and I have been together since 2006. We met at a Built to Spill concert in Detroit. He's very handy and much more patient than I am.

More Fun Facts

Fun Facts:

My kids Van & Dre both challenge me and make my heart burst with love many, many times a day. 

While I love being with people, I might love my alone time even more. 

I'm very comfortable in a dive bar and also at a 5 star restaurant...although, I prefer a dive bar ;) 

I'm a recent country music convert and I'm still quite shocked about it haha.

Investing in commercial multifamily real estate became another one of my obsessions in 2020.

I'm a plant mom. And, I recently planted the first seeds for the food garden we are growing and I'm so damn excited about it!



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