Mom Burnout is REAL & What We Can Do About It with Diana from Motherly

Filed in Busy As A Mother Podcast, Motherhood — April 27, 2020

mom burnout


Ever have mom guilt? Do you beat yourself up because you aren’t doing all of the things that other moms are doing? Do you have days when you are so stressed that you have no patience and are so frustrated?

You are NOT alone in this. Mom burnout is REAL!

So, what do we do about it? Diana Spalding from Motherly truly understands the deeper issues that come along with mom guilt/ mom burnout. Diana is Motherly’s Digital Education Editor. She is a certified nurse-midwife, pediatric nurse, mother of three, a recent TEDx speaker, and she wrote the Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama. So in other words, Diana is the perfect guest for today’s episode!

In this Busy as a Mother podcast episode, we have this much-needed conversation around how we can release this guilt that weighs so heavily on us due to mom burnout.  Diana and I get raw as we share our own experiences with mom guilt or mom burnout, and how we have overcome some of the obstacles of it, but also how we might still be struggling with some.

We also touch on how comparison can be the thief of joy. We spend so much time as moms comparing ourselves to other moms and sometimes this can be exactly where the mom guilt will manifest. Diana and I talk you through how to overcome this comparison set-back of sorts and how to refocus on your own strengths as a mother.

My goal for this podcast is to show you that you aren’t alone in this and for you to learn how to shift the guilt and shame to start promoting change. Thanks for tuning in!

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