Client Feedback: How My Photography Elevated Her Brand and Personal Life

Filed in Photographers — January 3, 2024


Client feedback is an incredible way to keep a pulse on how you’re doing in your business, especially when it comes to the client experience.

I recently shared a reel over on Instagram with some behind the scenes from Amanda’s latest personal branding shoot. When we did her viewing via Zoom, she said some things to me that made my heart explode.

Amanda told me that she saw herself differently after her first shoot with me four years ago. So much so that she created her entire brand for her business around the photos I created. She told me that she has booked more clients (and therefore supported her own family) because of her photos. She also told me I’m incredible at what I do, and she cannot believe she gets to work with me. 😭 

Amanda doesn’t know me as an educator or podcast host or anything like that. To her, I’m just the local photographer who provided her a great service, who made her feel special (because she is), and who delivered photos she loved. It’s that simple. That is what it takes to have her as a client for life.

Here are some of her favorites:

If you’re curious about how Zoom viewing sessions go, I would love to encourage you to check out The Personal Branding System! In part of the class, you’ll join me for a live Zoom viewing with a real client, and you’ll get an insider’s look at how zoom viewing sessions seamlessly integrate into your business, enhancing your average sale without compromising your personal time. Your future self will thank you!

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