Constant Light Setup for Photoshoots

Filed in Photographers — December 10, 2023


Every time I post a BTS shot of on location headshots, I’m always asked about my constant light setup.

I’ve been a photographer for over a decade and the majority of the thousands of photoshoots I’ve done have been in natural light. That means the only light source I normally use is window light and reflectors in a studio or outdoors with only a reflector.

But, there are times when the available light indoors isn’t going to cut it! While I’m capable of using flash, I wanted something less stressful, with less equipment to lug around, and something more efficient.

I really only need to use lights for about 10% of the shoots I do (usually on-location corporate headshots), so I wanted to get something that also wasn’t going to break the bank! There are a lot of really amazing constant lights out there, but I was focused on price when I bought this one. I figured I would give it a shot and if I didn’t like it, I could always upgrade. Also, this light came with the lantern modifier, which was one less thing for me to have to research and purchase.

If you want to see the light in action, click HERE.

I loved it so much for on-location headshots that I ended up using it for my podcast recording light! I host both The Portrait System podcast and The Self Value Podcast with Sue Bryce and this light works great for the video portion. Excuse the bad iphone photo 🙂

There is an app for the light and I can control the temperature and power from my phone. I’ve never had a problem with it shutting off or overheating. I mean, it would be awesome to have a cordless light, but that’s when you start to get into spending a lot more. Sidenote, the light stand that comes with it is not my favorite. It is not very sturdy, but it does the job.

The light is the GVM 200W LED Video Light with Lantern Softbox. I don’t have an Amazon store and I’m not affiliated with this company in any way!

The reflector is a key component to this setup. There are lots of “arclight” reflectors out there and I needed it quickly when I bought it, so I just picked one that could be delivered in two days. Setting this thing up is annoying, but it’s 100% worth with cussing I do when I’m putting it together haha. I’ve helped a friend set hers up that is a different brand and it was just as annoying to set up. So, it seems you just have to get through the setup no matter which one you get!

This is the one I have and, again, I don’t get any sort of commission from this: Glo Arclight II. I love the light is adds to the face and the catchlight in the eyes.

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