Revamp Your Marketing Strategy with These National Holiday Calendar Gems

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Did you know today is Love Your Lawyer Day? And tomorrow is National Candy Day? I’m not even kidding. According to this holiday calendar, there are exactly 559 “holidays” in November and another 406 in December. 

Think about all the different quirky ways you could use these holidays to market your business! For example, April 25th, which also happens to be my birthday, is International Financial Independence Awareness Day AND National Lingerie Day

If you are a personal branding photographer, you could put a call out to all of the people in the financial/investing industry for a headshot day to celebrate. If you are a boudoir photographer, use National Lingerie Day to hold a special event at your studio or to give away gift vouchers for a shoot! Maybe you could even find a lingerie brand to donate something for your client closet and photograph someone in it to pump up your portfolio. 

photo of red headed girl leaning on wall of red fall leaves for national love your red hair holiday

Here’s a few additional ideas for November and December to help you close out the year strong!

  • Nov 5 – National Love Your Red Hair Day – you could offer a headshot day for redheads only, like the photo above of Lauren!
  • Nov 13 – Anti Bullying Week – you could do a fun campaign with anti-bullying messages
  • Nov 18 – National Adoption Day – you could invite families who have adopted a child but not yet had family photos to come in for their first family portraits
  • Nov 28 – Giving Tuesday – you could do headshots and highlight local business owners who are giving back to their communities
  • Dec 8 – National Blue Collar Day – you could do day in the life sessions and highlight the stories of blue collar workers and their families
  • Dec 13 – National Ice Cream Day – you could partner with local ice cream shops to do content for their social media or set up a fun photo opportunity for their customers
  • Dec 18 – National Twin Day – you could do portraits of twins or people dressed up as twins
  • Dec 23 – National Forest Day – you could do a day of snowy portraits in the forest local to you.

Definitely consider going through this holiday list HERE to see which of these days resonate with you and might work great to market to your potential (and existing) clients! 

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