Getting People to Your Blog: The Secrets to a High Traffic Blog

Filed in Business, Busy As A Mother Podcast — May 11, 2020

Secrets to Getting Millions of People to Your Blog

Getting People to your Blog


Are you having trouble getting people to your blog? If there is anyone I trust to teach me how to get people to find and read my blog, it’s Elizabeth Rider. I wanted to know how she’s getting millions of people to her blog, so I asked her!

Elizabeth has been a client of mine for 2 years. I know first hand how successful she is as a blogger. Elizabeth has hundreds of thousands of people visiting her blog each WEEK and that’s not an accident. She has worked over the last decade to build her brand and share incredible information with her readers. Along the way, she has figured out the secrets behind getting those millions to her blog!

Now, she’s sharing it all with us. I can’t begin to tell you how honored I am to have her on Busy as a Mother!

There is zero fluff in this episode. Elizabeth gives us tips that we can implement today to increase the number of readers we have. She shares secrets about Google and how to get higher up in the Google search rankings.

Will social media help in getting millions of people to my blog?

Elizabeth also explains why we need to be spending MORE time on our blog and LESS time on social media if we want to make money online and book more clients! Tune in for all the secrets on getting millions of people to your blog!

I hope you learned as much in the episode as I did! Trust me, her Blog it Like it’s Hot course is exactly what can help you grow your audience in a HUGE way.


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