Putting THESE Boundaries Settings in Place Will Make All the Difference with Lisa Collum

Boundaries settings

Boundaries Settings…


Are you an entrepreneur mom trying to do it all? Lisa Collum and I have a candid conversation about what it’s truly like to be an entrepreneur mom. Lisa has 4 kids and two businesses. Because of this, there are certain boundaries settings that she HAS to put into place in order to not burn out. 

I also share the things that I also have to do in order to be the best mom and business owner possible. We found while talking that our boundaries settings are pretty much the same. 

Lisa also shares with us tips to prioritize your to do list. Because Lisa used to be a teacher and now owns Top Score writing, she has some great advice for you so that that you can accomplish more and feel much more organized. 

In this episode:

  • What it’s really like to be a mom entrepreneur
  • The boundaries to set to keep you from burning out
  • Why do we put unrealistic expectations on ourselves?
  • Why do the typical “rules” for working go out the window just because we run our own business? 
  • Normalizing the feeling of being overwhelmed
  • Why being an entrepreneur mom has so many benefits

So, if you have been struggling with putting boundaries up at home while trying to build your business, this would be a great place to start! I hope the podcast motivates you to put these suggestions into practice. Thanks for listening!

Wondering HOW to put boundaries in place? You can learn the steps HERE!

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