Can You Work at Home With Your Kids? Or is the Mom Guilt too Much?

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Mom guilt

We try to do it all. The guilt of it can be debilitating.

Mom guilt, partner guilt, work guilt — all of it. It can be so crippling that it can keep someone from pursuing their dreams. Or even from just having a night out with girlfriends.

I’m not sure at what point we were conditioned to believe that if we aren’t constantly spending our time with and energy on our children, that we aren’t good parents.

Yes, we absolutely need to consistently love, nurture, and have quality time with our children. That goes without saying. But, what doesn’t always go without saying is that doing all of the things we do for our kids does not equal compromising who we are as people.

There is a way to balance it all so that you can, well, balance it all! You don’t have to choose between your children or what you are passionate about. You also don’t have to decide between being an incredible mother and being a great business owner.

It is time to RELEASE THE GUILT!

I’ve ‘been there, done that’ with the guilt:

Do I really need childcare when I’m working from home? 

Am I an asshole parent if I hire a sitter just so I can go to a movie by myself when Dan is out riding BMX?”

​​Does working full time as an entrepreneur mean I’m putting my career before my family?

Countless times I have heard women say that their business isn’t growing because they feel guilty about spending time working or even taking time for themselves. In fact, I was one of them!

I felt incredibly guilty about needing childcare. I specifically remember sobbing to Dan about it. One of the reasons I love being an entrepreneur is that our kids don’t have to be in full-time daycare. So, when I realized that we needed more childcare than I thought, I was completely weighed down with guilt.

My answer to whether or not I can work at home with my kids there?

No. My answer is definitely NO. ​​​​

Whenever I was trying to work from home AND be mom, I found myself becoming easily irritated and frustrated. I wasn’t 100% present in my work or with my kids. Trying to do two important things at once was not serving anyone! 

I stretched myself thin because I was a total people-pleaser and the guilt was heavy. The pressure I was putting on myself was unmanageable.

Sound familiar?

There is a process I have gone through to be free of the weight of the guilt I was carrying about working, about needing self care, about trying to please everyone, and about not being able to do it all. 

​​Now that I am free of the guilt and have a method to the madness, I’m a much better mom, wife, and business owner!

While I was going through all of this, I’m not quite sure I knew that I was developing a system. But, as time went on and people kept asking me how I do it all, I finally sat down and thought, “Well, how do I do it all?”

The next thing I knew, I was making a roadmap. A roadmap for how to balance life and family and work and not let one or the other suffer. That is how Busy As a Mother: The Work & Life Balance Bootcamp was born!

Letting go of the mom guilt has been crucial for me to continue to be the best mom, wife, and business owner that I can. I knew it had to be part of my course.

You don’t have to wait until everyone else is in bed to try to get done what you need to do for work. You don’t have to feel like a bad mom for spending time actually making money doing what you love or even just something you enjoy.

More pieces to the puzzle are gaining support and setting boundaries! These are things that you will learn in the course, among a ton of other things, as well.

Are you ready to let go of the mom guilt and have more success with your work and life balance?

You’re invited to secure your spot on the waitlist for Busy As a Mother: The Work & Life Balance Bootcamp HERE!

You will be one of the first to receive an exclusive invitation once the Bootcamp opens!

Hang in there. Help is on the way.​​

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