My Secret Tool for Glowy Skin

Filed in Photographers — October 31, 2023


I remember when I first started in photography, I would look at photos and wonder, “How did they get such glowy skin?” The answer kind of shocked me because it was so simple – a reflector. Photography is all about light, after all.

It’s a rare day that I don’t shoot with a reflector. Reflectors are my go-to for getting a beautiful catch light in the eyes and for glowy skin. I’ve used everything from a white pillow case to a piece of white styrofoam to a silver reflector made for photography. 

On gray overcast days, a reflector will keep your clients from having “racoon” eyes and dull skin. It adds a touch of light that looks amazing! On these overcast days, or on a dark day in my studio, I typically use a silver reflector. On brighter days, I use white. 

During full sun, I will sometimes forgo a reflector if it’s too bright and making my client squint.

In the photo below, I used a silver reflector. 

Sidenote, I only have an assistant on maybe half of the photoshoots I do. When I don’t have someone with me to hold it, I just balance it on something or put it on the ground right in front of them.

photo of Nikki Closser using a reflector on the ground in a field to get glowy skin while photographing her female client wearing a short black dress.

During the shoot below, it was a brighter day, so I used the white side of the reflector. You can see that her skin has a nice glow to it and there is a great catchlight in her eyes. I can’t tell you what a difference this makes! 

Side note, both of these photoshoots are featured in my Outdoor & On-Location course if you want to watch them in more detail.

I hope this reflector tip helps you make beautiful portraits with glowy skin!

photo of Nikki Closser and her assistant holding a reflector low in front of Nikki to bounce light back into her female client's face.

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