How to Get More Clients From Home with These 5 Steps

Filed in Business, Busy As A Mother Podcast — March 28, 2020

how to get more clients

How to Get More Clients From Home: 5 Easy Steps


How to Get More Clients.

Do you hate selling? Most people do! It’s daunting, uncomfortable and downright awkward sometimes. The thing is, you have to sell when you have a business! It doesn’t have to be hard or “salesy”.

Today, Nikki Rausch of Sales Maven joins the Busy as a Mother podcast. Nikki takes us through 5 steps that will help make you comfortable with selling in order to get more clients and increase your income! 

Prior to starting her business called Sales Maven, Nikki was the top salesperson, and actually, one of the only females at a large corporate company. It didn’t take long after leaving the corporate world that Sales Maven became incredibly successful.

Nikki teaches people to sell without being salesy. She takes the fear out of selling and focuses on authentic selling and makes the process so easy.

I am so glad to have Nikki on today’s show so she can teach us all how to get more clients from home with her 5 easy steps! She passes along her knowledge to my community, and for that I am so grateful. I hope you enjoy the podcast and are able to implement these steps in your business in order to gain more success!

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