How Lack of Sleep Affects You, Your Kids, & Your Business

Filed in Business, Busy As A Mother Podcast, Motherhood — March 28, 2020

how sleep affects you, your kids and your business

How Lack of Sleep Affects You, Your Kids and Your Business…


Sleep does WHAT to your brain?!  If you didn’t already know how important sleep is both mentally and physiologically, you’ll definitely learn more about it today. In this episode, Kelly Murray, a certified Pediatric and Adult Sleep Consultant shares with us not only how sleep affects us and our children, but also how sleep, or lack there of, can affect your business. 

Kelly gives us useful tips about how we can improve our quality of sleep for both us and our kids. We also talk about how the right amount of sleep for kids is so crucial. Lack of sleep can bring on issues that actually mimic certain behavior disorders like ADHD. 

Kelly really knows her stuff when it comes to sleep and how it affects our brain and our lives. I’m so happy she is on the show today — I know I definitely realized how I need to make some changes in my sleep habits! I have a feeling this is going to be really eye opening for you too. 

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