Bringing Kids Into Your Life and Business

Filed in Business, Busy As A Mother Podcast, Motherhood — April 10, 2020

bringing kids into your life and business

Bringing Kids Into Your Life and Business


Bringing Kids Into Your Life and Business

Starting a business with kids? Or, having a baby after launching your business? Then today’s podcast is perfect for you! Photographer and blogger Tash Haynes joins me today on Busy as a Mother!

I am so excited to have Tash on the show because, over the years, I’ve watched her bring her 2 daughters into her life, and into her business with such finesse. She is truly an inspiration to busy, working moms.

You can be a wife AND a mom, travel the world AND pursue your dreams; you can mostly have it all, and Tash is here to explain how she’s done it! Tash gives tips on how she has made it work bringing kids into her life and her business. It was always important to her that when she had kids that they wouldn’t RUN her life. Instead, she wanted them to JOIN her life.

Tash shares the good, the bad, and the ugly. She even gets personal when she tells us how she came close to death, and how her family and business were able to recover from it. 

If you have found yourself struggling with the thought of how you can bring your kids into your life and business, I truly hope you will find inspiration from this podcast.

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