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Hi! I'm Nikki.   

The work & life balance is something I had to master as an entrepreneur and mom to two young children. Now, it's something I love to teach! I'll be honest, though, not too long ago,  I was a burned out social worker trying to find happiness again. 

And just when I thought I had life under control managing my business and personal life, I had a baby. And then had another one less than two years later. Talk about a whirlwind! I was terrified my business would struggle. But, it didn't--it grew. In fact, I expanded with two studios and two houses living in both Michigan and Seattle! With lots of bumps along the way, I was able to lay out my roadmap for balancing it all. 

I began mentoring other photographers and I was asked over and over... "How do you juggle so much? How do you balance your work life and your home life? And do you have 'mom guilt'?" At the time, I wasn't sure exactly HOW  I was doing it. I was just doing it. But, after having my second son and feeling really great and in balance (most of the time), I started to realize that there really is a method to my madness! There is a system, a roadmap. 

And I finally sat down and mapped it out for you. For any entrepreneur who is on the struggle bus and trying to hard to manage it all, it does not have to be "give me alllllllllll the wine" at the end of each day! I mean, wine is great, don't get me wrong, but you can be free of the guilt and feel balanced while drinking the wine!

I quit my job and built very successful portrait photography business from scratch

You can be free of the guilt.

Find out more!

(Read about how I did it here!)


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Signature Color Preset 

This is my signature color preset that I use on all of my photos. Whether your photos are taken in-studio or outside, this preset can give your photos the "pop" you are looking for! 

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